Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bust Recreation of RPattz's Head Sold for $1399

The one rule of "Twilight" fandom seems to be that there is always somebody out there determined to do something creepier than the last.

Edward Cullen silicone bust

This photo-realistic silicone bust of "The Twilight Saga" character Edward Cullen, as portrayed by Robert Pattinson, sold on eBay for $1,399, according to Gather.com.

The auction listing describes the piece of "art" thus:

"The soft silicone is real to the touch. The punched hair is amazing, the eyebrows, lashes, hairline are hand inserted. The eyes are industry grade glass eyes. The entire piece is foam filled with a core up the neck so he can be easily mounted on a stand or put together as an historic museum quality statue."

The story does not say who purchased this thing or what on earth they plan to do with it, but rest assured if such information ever comes out it will be relayed to you here.

What would you do with a lifelike recreation of Robert Pattinson's face in your home?


I personally think it doesn't really look like him... Idk something's wrong with the eyes and the hair..


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