Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pics That Were Sent to Oprah to Get a Visit from RPattz!!

Here are a few of the pics that one of the families sent to Oprah in order to get a visit from Rob!!

Sexayy Robsten Pic Collage

Super Hot Robsten Hump GIF!!

I wish this was bigger.. :P

Flashback Video: Robsten Kissing at New Moon Cast Party??

This was a vid taken from the New Moon cast party at Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown, Vancouver exactly one year ago on May 8th, 2009. It looks like Rob makes his smoke into the shape of a ring at 0:25. Haha, funny! ANDD it totally looks like Rob tilts his head to the left for Kristen to kiss him at 0:43. Don't you think so?? :D I'd like to think so.. ;)

12: Dinomania

Dinomania- the obsession with dancing.

A few vids of KStew, Kellan Lutz, and Edi Gathegi dancing.. :)

These girls are so lucky!!

NEW Video - KStew Watching 'The Specials' at Coachella Music Fest 2010!!

Here's the description of the video: "I was at Coachella Fest 2010 with my sister, we were waiting for The Specials to start and she saw Kristen Stewart so she tried to be sneaky and take a picture instead she took this video. Ahah =P"

Newest Eclipse Trailer to Show in Theaters this Weekend!

In case you were wondering when and where you might be able to see the latest The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer (released last week) in theaters, here's the information you need:

The newest Eclipse trailer will run, according to a recent update from the official Twilight website, this Sunday in theaters with Letters To Juliet.

Letters To Juliet is another film by Twilight film studio Summit Entertainment, so it should come as no surprise that the studio would choose to run the Eclipse trailer with it.

The same was done for the first Eclipse trailer and Summit's Remember Me, and a trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon ran alongside their film Bandslam last year.

So, in case you're wanting to check out the trailer on the big screen, now you know how to find it.

So basically, we've already seen this trailer, but if you want to see it on the big screen, it'll be showing before "Letters to Juliet" this Sunday.

HQ, Untagged Pic of KStew in Elle Magazine

Friday, May 7, 2010

Flashback: Tinsel Korey (Emily Young) Plays RPattz's 'Never Think' from the Twilight Soundtrack!

Check out her youtube channel too! She has many more videos of her singing!
Tinsel Korey's YouTube

Preview of Muse Song on Eclipse Soundtrack!

Very short, but I'm still excited for it!

NEW Pic of KStew Making a Hilarious Face - Elle Magazine!!

KStew's Next Movie, 'On the Road' to be Shooting in August

As Kristen Stewart begins wrapping up one youth-oriented epic, she’s signed on for another.

Gossip Cop can confirm that the Twilight star’s next role will be Dean Moriarty’s wife Marylou in a film adaptation of On the Road, Jack Kerouac’s landmark 1950s novel. Pre-production kicks off in July, and filming begins in August.

The location is still to be determined.

Garrett Hedlund (also in the upcoming TRON Legacy and Love Don’t Let Me Down) has been attached to the Moriarty role for a couple of years.

Kerouac’s alter ego Sal Paradise will be played by Sam Riley.

Walter Salles of The Motorcycle Diaries will direct.

New Pic of Robsten and Taylor on Oprah Show!!

New Bella and Jacob Eclipse Still!

What do you think of the wig...? :/

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Single on Eclipse Soundtrack Confirmed!!!

The first single on "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" has just been confirmed and I get to bring you the exclusive details. Stephenie's very favorite band, Muse, has contributed a song called "Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)" and it's the first single from the project. It will be out on May 17th. I haven't heard it yet, but I am very excited. The official soundtrack will also be available on June 8th. You can pre-order the Eclipse soundtrack here.

New Pics of KStew for Elle Magazine US

NEW Eclipse Still - Cullen Men Together

New, Longer Video - KStew BTS for Elle Magazine!

Pics of Robsten Arriving at LAX Together Yesterday

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

KStew Elle Magazine Behind the Scenes VIDEO!!

NEW Eclipse Info - Leg Hitch, Bella and Jake's Kiss, Tent Scene, Flashbacks ALL in the Movie!!

In the midst of the confusion yesterday where we tried to figure out what exactly was going on with the "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" world premiere, some very, very, very lucky "Oprah" guests we invited quietly to a little premiere of their own. Oprah taped her "Eclipse" show — set to air next May 13 — today, and to prepare her guests to ask topical questions to Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning, she showed them an early cut of "Eclipse."

Yes, you read that right. Some "Twilight" fans have already seen "Eclipse," and they probably aren't you. But Twi-hards aren't the greedy type, and quickly took to Twitter to share their wealth of information with the world — one, in fact, exclaimed: "OH MY GOD!!!! Eclipse was absolutely AMAZING. Better then both New Moon & Twilight! Holyy crappp =O." In between the "OME!!"s and drooling, we were able to pick out some pretty interesting information that of course we are going to share with you.

There had been some concern after the final "Eclipse" trailer premiered that this third installment in the "Twilight Saga" would sacrifice the love story for the action (apparently everyone forgot the first trailer, which showed us otherwise). The unanimous response was that the love story is definitely still there, and it is very hot and heavy. This means, yes, the leg hitch, the tent scene and Bella and Jacob's kiss all make the final cut, and, as one Twitter user claimed, were enough to "get her turned on." And yes, the scene where Bella punches Jacob is also included, though we never doubted that it wouldn't be in the film.

But that doesn't mean that the action wasn't great either. This was an early cut of the film so some of the animation was still a bit off, but everyone seemed to think that it was the best action of the series. The fact Jasper was featured quickly but clearly in the second trailer's fight scene tipped us off to the fact that he and Alice were going to be pretty prominent in the action sequences, but apparently they get a lot more face time throughout the entire film, and actually get a chance to really interact with each other. Unfortunately, Jackson Rathbone's wig is supposed to be pretty bad, but Kristen's is better since the first trailer.

Which brings us to some other exciting news: everyone loved Jasper and Rosalie's flashbacks. We already knew that Jasper would be seen horse back in Civil War regalia, but apparently this was news to other people. As far as Rosalie's flashback goes, we read that her entire conversation with Bella lasts about five minutes, but the actual flashback is only about two minutes. This is kind of a let-down, but if a picture is worth a thousand words we're guessing David Slade was able to do a lot with those two minutes.

It's been a bit of a trend that fans keep labeling the newest director in each "Twilight" film as being better than all the previous ones (sorry, Catherine Hardwicke). Unsurprisingly, there were many claims that David Slade did a great job with "Eclipse" and that he's the best director yet, which is exactly what Chris Weitz predicted back when everyone was rallying around him after "New Moon." This also is allegedly the funniest of all the "Twilight" films so far, so if David can top "Face Punch," we're going to be really impressed.

So many good things!! I am so looking forward to this!! :D

All the NEW KStew Elle Magazine Photos!!!

Kristen looks amazing in these pictures!! So sexyy!

RPattz Visits a Twilight House on Oprah!!

Maria(the lucky fan) says: all started with an email to the Oprah show. I just told her that the entire family were huge fans and if you came over and you were NOT a twilight fan then "YOUR NOT COMING". Where? We didn’t know. We just said your not coming to anything with us unless you were a fan. They apparently loved that line. So Sunday night they called and said that the show was totally booked but there might be a slight chance that we can pre tape something with skype. Now...she said a very slim chance. They were calling thousands of people. She asked me to send pics of my family. So in order to get their attention I thought I would be a great idea to take pictures as the “Cullen Family”. I waited all day on Monday to hear from them to see if we would be doing the skype thingy. Just when I started to give up it was around 10:30pm and they called. THE TWILIGHT PICTURES DID THE TRICK. They were so amazed on how my son Giuseppe looked so much like Edward. They told me to expect a skype kit to pre-tape a very short segment around 8pm on Tuesday night. They told me a hundred times “Sorry the show is full & we couldn’t give you tickets. So on Tuesday the skype kit came and I waited all day again for directions on how it was going to work. They called at 5pm and said we were going to do a practice run with skype and we would be live with oprah on the show in the morning. They told us do not dress up wear comfortable cloth because you will be moving furniture and it was just a test run. She actually told us to wear our pjs. At 8pm they called us on the skype cam to set everything up. We wasted about on hour just setting up the room. They kept telling me make sure all the blinds are close the camera is sensitive to light. (which now I know it’s because they didn’t want us to see him pull up.) They were asking random questions really just filling in time until I saw a camera crew through the small window on my front door and the people on skype heard me and said “go open the door” Well….that was it we all lost it. Screaming like a bunch of maniacs. Rosanna was crying, Giuseppe was frozen and everyone else was jumping a screaming. He stayed for about 10 minutes. Even though it felt like a week. And we just were all amazed that he was in our house. I told him me and Rosanna stalked him in NYC for the Remember Me premiere and he said “yeah I think I remember you” which was an obvious joke. I asked him is Kristen was here too and he said “well fine…I’ll just leave then”. Other things were said but I was in so much shock I cant remember. It is so weired. His lips were moving and I know he was talking but all I heard was wah wah wah. (kind of like snoopy and Charlie Brown). Then he told us we had tickets to the show. Again lots of screaming. He was great. So nice. Funny. And sooo tall. You was beautiful. I still cant believe it. So we went to the show and they had our names on our seats so we felt to privileged. Robert, Taylor, Kristen, & Dakota all sat and talked to oprah and then they showed the footage of him knocking on doors. He went to 3 homes in Naperville. We were the last ones. When he was leaving my house he said to the camera “I really want to stay and hang out at this house.” It was amazing. We all got a certificate to order Bella’s engagement ring from eclispe. The audience got to see the movie while he made his visit to our house. It is something we will never forget. Oprah & Robert was great but hearing my kids say “thanks for making this happen”……absolutely priceless!!!

This story is amazing!! They are so lucky they had Rob in their HOUSE!! :O

NEW Eclipse Robsten/Krisella Still!

Breaking Dawn Has a Confirmed Release Date!!

A Summit Entertainment spokesperson has confirmed to HitFix that "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" will open nationwide on Nov. 18, 2011. It's still officially unknown if "Dawn" will be broken up into one or, as rumored, two films. Stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are all expected to return.

Directed by Oscar-winner Bill Condon, the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer's popular series chronicles Bella's most advanced initiation into the vampire world to date, but is also seen by many as the most difficult to adapt of all the best-selling novels. Melissa Rosenberg, who adapted the first two novels, would continue in that role for "Dawn."

"Breaking Dawn" will face off against "Happy Feet 2" and the Hugh Jackman Sci-Fi thriller "Real Steel." Even with the lucrative Thanksgiving weekend the following week, expect at least one of these films to move their release date to avoid going head-to-head with the "Twilight" franchise.

The third movie in the series, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," will debut in theaters on June 30 nationwide and in IMAX.

I don't know about you, but this seems so far away! I know they had the first three movies come out very close together, but this will be coming out almost a year and half after Eclipse! :(

Robsten Deets and Tweets from Oprah Twilight Show Filming This Morning!!!!

Tweets from the Oprah taping this morning in Chicago with Rob, Kristen, Dakota and Taylor. The show will air on May 13th.

Oprah asked about them, Rob joked and said Kris is pregnant! LOL
Then Kris said Rob's having the baby.
seating, Rob, Kris. Tay. Dakota came out and Tay switched with Kris so besties could sit by each other. It's raining.
They just let a silver volvo into the garage. Now it's sunny and hot, perfect weather for some sparkly vamps.

OMG the Oprah show was sooo awesome!!! The cast were amazing! Sat front row & got to shake Rob & Taylor's hands!!! Ahhhh love them!
He had on blue jeans & a redish kinda button down if I remember correct. Lot going on lol

Just got out of Oprah. It was awesome and funny.Waiting outside. We got a certificate to to get Bella's ring.
Cars keep coming out and in. But Rob, Kristin, Taylor, and Dakota are doing a radio thing in the studio right now, I heard.
Apparently he wore red t-shirt. Sorry, I was too busy looking at his grorgeous face.
My mom's saying it was a deep red plaid

Omg i cant even believe i saw rob taylor and kstew in the fucking flesh. Beautiful people.
Sad news, no pictures ): i DID lock eyes with rob tho. He smiled....... Dead.

OMG!!! The Oprah show was awesome!! Sat front row, balled when they came out, and Rob and Taylor shook my hand!!!! I love @Twilight!!!! :-D
Rob was wearing a brown button down w/ the sleeves rolled up, dark jeans, and black and white adidas sneakers.
at first, Oprah, Rob, Kristen, Taylor. When Dakota came out, oprah, rob, Taylor, Kristen, Dakota.
she flat out asked them. Rob said Kristen was actually pregnant, but then Kristen said he would be having the baby.
they kept smiling back and forth and saying inside jokes. Honestly, they totally seem like they like each other.
before Dakota came out, they were. Kris moved by her b/c they're good friends.
Questions Asked: what do u do on a saturday night, do u feel typecast, why'd u take on the role, etc.

Ahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa.....just got out of Oprah taping!everyone was HOTT!!!! *swoon* *singing* I'm in heaven! Lol
I was less than 10ft from Rob & cast ladies! No I have no pics as cameras & phones were not allowed. I'm still on cloud 900
Oh and there was no time for questions so no audience questions were asked.
Sooo...Oprah did ask the ultimate question R Rob & Kristen together. Rob deflected w/a joke. R: "Kristen is pregnant." K:"he likes to shock
(C) ppl." O:"oh..*laughs" K:"unless u want it to be u" O:"ok! I wouldn't mind!" Every1 laughed

Just got out. Fun times. They are all so cute together! It airs May 13th!

Ahh I'm so pissed I didn't get to go to this this morning!! I live in Chicago! They were at the airport here! So close... yet so far.. :(

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NEW Hot KStew Scanned Pics from Flaunt Magazine

NEW Eclipse Photos!!

NEW Super Sexy Pic of RPattz in 'Bel Ami'

David Slade Tweets About Eclipse ReShoots, Rob, KStew, and TLaut!

REAL NEWS: last 3 weeks have gone fantastic, pick up shoot felt more like a reunion. Rob, Kristen,Taylor the crew & I gave 110%. Onwards!


This was tweeted on May 2nd.

Twilight Cast Rumors Busted: Part 2

As stated in my article from earlier today, several rumors surrounding the “Twilight” cast appear on a weekly basis. With the help of many do-gooders, these rumors continue to get busted wide open. Below is part 2 of “Twilight” Rumors Busted:

5) Started approximately April 26th with several sources: Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning will make an appearance at the Sydney Film Festival in June when “The Runaways” premieres in Australia.

Truth: Dakota is definitely not going. Kristen’s team is still trying to be reached.

6) Started a long time ago and won’t die; most recently surfaced on April 26th” at MTV: Kristen Stewart is house hunting in LA for a place that where she and Robert Pattinson can live together.

Truth: This rumor has come and gone so many times, along with proposal rumors and baby rumors. We’ll believe it when we see it.

7) Started April 26th at Taragana: Kristen Stewart will be playing the lead opposite Hrithik Roshan in Shekhar Kapoor’s “Paani”, a Bollywood film.

Truth: We all know Kris can play any part, but there are no plans in her future to enter Bollywood. Thanks to GossipCop for busting this one wide open.

8) Started April 26th and tweeted by m0851vancouver: This Twitter user stated David Slade “just left their store” after purchasing one of their messenger bags.

Truth: Too bad the pictures they used of him wearing the messenger bag were over three years old. BUSTED thanks to TwilightLexicon.

Wonder what they’ll come up with next week…

Twilight Cast Rumors Busted: Part 1

Everyone pays a price for being popular. In the case of some of the “Twilight” actors, it’s incessant, annoying rumors about the actors’ personal and professional lives. Let’s debunk the rumors that have hit the cast in just the past two weeks! And if these are just from the past two weeks, imagine what they deal with every month or every year. These actors get credit for having very thick skin.

1) Started April 13th by Perez Hilton: Robert Pattinson is shacking up with Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester and was spotted leaving her NYC apartment in the early morning hours.

Truth: I am not going to get into who Rob IS shacking up with, but Meester’s sources confirm there’s no Robster, Reester, Leighbert, Robton, RobLeigh….you get the picture. Thanks to Gossip Cop for confirming this as a rumor.

2) Started April 21st at “Global Associated News”: Actress Kristen Stewart is reported to be in serious condition and taken to Golden State Regional Hospital after a minor traffic accident that escalated into a physical altercation in Fullerton CA, a suburb 30 minutes south east of Los Angeles.

Truth: This story is from the fake new site called ( and “Global Associated News” are one and the same.) Granted, notes on its site that it fabricates stories “for the purpose of entertainment,” but let’s not scare people’s friends, family and fans, shall we?

3) Started April 23rd by Robert Pattinson is quitting acting to focus on music.

Truth: This is a simple case of Hollywoodlife taking words out of context to develop a gripping headline. Rob has professed in several interviews that he wishes he had more time for music. Hollywoodlife turned this statement into Rob quitting acting for good to focus on music. No truth to this whatsoever. Have you seen Rob’s filming schedule? BUSTED by Gossip Cop.

4) Started approximately April 24th: Robert Pattinson is going to reportedly star with Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2010 singer Safura Alizadeh in her video clip “Drip Drop.”

Truth: There is none. Totally fabricated rumor. Thanks to Gossip Cop for busting.

Review of KStew's MET Chanel Dress

Very controversial. The FUG Girls probably detest it. Most of you probably can’t stand it. Even a few Twi-Hards have emailed already today to say they hated it.


I liked the effort very much. I will take this over this (click here) all the time.

Remember, as has been repeated too many times today already, it’s the Met Gala. It’s not the sh-tty ass stylings of Stephenie Meyer and her ankle length corduroy skirts. WTF? Take the Herve Leger and save it for a random movie premiere.

When you are just 20 and on the cover of Vanity Fair and Anna Wintour wants to shoot you for Vogue and there’s so much time and so much to do and so much opportunity, why would you put on a boring ass ball gown in New York at the motherf-cking MET GALA and not take some chances? Why would you say no to Karl Lagerfeld when he declares you’re worthy of his Chanel?

You wouldn’t.

So no, it’s not for everyone. It’s amazingly esoteric, from the hair (love it), to the makeup, to the bust, and put it this way, Emmy sodding Rossum isn’t showing up in this dress. Neither is Bella Swann. Huzzah.

Having said that – a couple of tweaks:

I wonder if Karl could have trimmed the breast wings maybe a few cm because she’s short and they cut her arms off on camera at a rather unflattering section straight on. See? When she stands at an angle she can show her arm shape more effectively but when you shoot her straight, it’s like she’s hiding behind a board, and as such in some images, she kinda looks butch which is fine if that’s the intended effect, but this time, no, butch was most definitely not the intended effect.

Also, since Le Karl is dressing her now, perhaps he can teach her how to pose. Or to at least not look embarrassed at having to be there. Because if you have the balls to pick this dress, you should have the balls to WEAR the f-cking dress. Pose with some bitchface, enough with that sheepish smile, give it some attitude, I know it’s in there. After all, she’s an actor. A very good one. And I’m not buying that she’s uncomfortable in this forum either. If she was uncomfortable she would not have come. And if she came anyway, and was pressured into doing so, then she’s not what she says she is.

This was the maiden voyage. Better for 2011 then.

I personally wasn't a huge fan of the dress, but she still looked pretty hot and herself. What did you think?

New/Old Pics of KStew with DFanning!!