Saturday, December 11, 2010

New/Old Pics of Robsten at a Wedding Together in L.A.


NEW/Old Pic of Robsten with Rob's Parents in London During Christmas 2009

This is ridiculously adorable!!! I love how Kristen's holding Rob's hand! They've met each other's parents, obviously! :D


Monday, December 6, 2010

3 New/Old Pics of KStew with Fans at 'The Runaways' LA Premiere


New/Old Pic of Robsten with a Fan


'Breaking Dawn' Love Scenes Took 12 Hours to Film?

If you’ve been following the news related to the production of the upcoming finale to the Twilight saga, you know it’s been steamy. We were recently treated to a nice smattering of photos featuring Edward and Bella prancing around during the infamous ‘Honeymoon scene.’

Fans were also intrigued by the news that the producers are going to turn up the juice for the films, abandoning the somewhat modest approach that the books take. Most fans have thumbed through the thousands of pages that make up the epic love story—only to be disappointed by the lack of any real details when it comes to ‘landing the deal.’

All of that is about to change with the release of the next film—Life & Style magazine recently reported that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s love scene in Breaking Dawn took nearly 12 hours to shoot. I’m wondering if they just kept messing up so that they could spend more time snogging. Who knows?

Even more interesting is that R-Patz recently admitted that he gets way too carried away while filming love scenes with Kristen. He said in a recent interview that he somehow forgets that there is an entire crew standing by watching, and just gets into it with her. No wonder their love seems so natural on the screen.

This is certainly fun news for fans, who were recently treated to the DVD release of Eclipse. Did you pick up a copy this week?