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RPattz Fan Encounter + Pic in Montreal Today!

On Sunday 15th August 2010, said: "MY Rob encounter- wow that sounds so cheesy yet unbearably thrilling
so like always i go downtown and to Old Mtl searching for stew ( my famous #kstewhunting) lol and recently #robstenhunting
so i get in my car and BAM girl calls me from work because my cousin couldnt text and said Rob was EATING IN HER RESTAURANT. so i impatiently drove and waiting for the directions to get there
so hes there.. in the corner sitting with Tomstu and this girl
NO KRISTEN WASNT THERE:( i was so fkn bummed but at that moment i was just happy to have him and figured ill hopefully run into her soon enough:)(OPTIMISM)
i approach him and asked for a picture- he was obviously under the influence and without a doubt said yes lol
then my mom asked if he like montreal and he answer" yes very much so" HMM i wOnder who Rob;)
then i asked about K and told me she was working, said ive been on set , said i wanted my runaways DVD signed and then he gave me a hand shake.....

my world is complet, i do wish kristen was there thoug... but duty called
and as for Tomstu he was quiet on the corner

there is so much i can say but i cant
oh and very soft hand but rob mine was so clammy"


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Pretty Hot Robsten Manip

Probs happens at every premiere..


Possible 'Eclipse' DVD Release Date

According to Flixter, the DVD release date for 'Eclipse' is November 1st, 2010. There will be an update when a date is confirmed.


Can 'Twilight' Handle This Many Hotties? James Franco in 'Breaking Dawn'?

James showed up at a recent interview holding a Stephanie Meyer book and claiming it was “for a project.” Is he going to join Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in the fourth Twilight installment?

How do you feel about THIS, BFFs? It’s very possible that James Franco could be joining your favorite vampire and werewolf hotties in Breaking Dawn!

During an interview with Esquire, the 32-year-old Eat, Pray, Love star was caught holding a copy of Twilight, admitting to the magazine that “It’s for a project” although he does add that said project is “way, way off” and only “something I’m thinking about.”

While it doesn’t necessarily mean that James is joining the cast – although he doesn’t have any projects currently in production — his comedy, Ricky Stanicky, is still being written and the drama Maladies begins filming mid-December, – it IS possible, given that Breaking Dawn I & 2 starts production in November and will go until April 2012.

Even better? He’s a fan of the series, written by super scribe Stephenie Meyer. “It’s crazy how much sexual tension there is,” he says. “It just builds and builds. I mean it never stops. It’s sort of explosive by the end. Crazy. Like they’ll blow up with it. And of course, they don’t. Which is the point too, I guess.”

Would YOU like to see James Franco appearing in Breaking Dawn? What role would he play?


Collage Made of Many Pics of RPattz's Face, Called 'Twilight Feelings'

Is collage inherently subversive? This strenuously lively group show, organized by Paper magazine’s Carlo McCormick, suggests so.

The mischievous tone is set by Mark Flood’s “Twilight Feelings” (2010), a distorted, mosaic-style portrait of the vampire-franchise heartthrob Robert Pattinson. Using multiple copies of the same photograph, Mr. Flood gives the actor a giraffelike neck and sharply protruding chin.

Older works by Bruce Conner and Jess remind you that the Beat era gave rise to many renegade collagists. In Jess’s riotous “Untitled (With Joan Crawford Head)” (1952-3), you can see not only Crawford, but also a reproduction of a Marsden Hartley painting and a photograph of a bat devouring a lizard.

Works by Erik Foss, Leo Fitzpatrick and Gee Vaucher stand out for their relative simplicity. So do black-and-white self-portraits by Jack Walls, who slices photographs of himself into arcs and strips and arranges them on Op Art backgrounds. The groovy, graphic results completely transform the original pictures, which were taken by Mr. Walls’s longtime boyfriend Robert Mapplethorpe.

Swoon and the collective Faile contribute studious examples of the street-art genre. But small pieces by Shepard Fairey and Dash Snow are wearisome. An image or artifact from one of the “Hamster’s Nests” (rooms of shredded phone books) inhabited by Mr. Snow and his hard-partying cohorts would have pushed the show in a less predictable, and just as rebellious, direction.


New Exclusive Interview with Jackson Rathbone

How has everything been for you since wrapping up Twilight?
Very busy. I like it that way. Between filming and playing music, I sleep and eat.

We've read that you've lived in many different places around the world, which place was your favorite to live in and why?
Midland, Texas. Good people. Plus, I love Texas.

Since you lived in many different countries when you were younger, do you speak any foreign languages?
Sadly, no. I can only count to ten in Norwegian, and a fairly good hold of the Spanish language. If you speak slow and forgive my pronunciation.

What role have you found the most difficult to fit into?
Nicolas Fiske of the Beautiful People series. It was my very first leading man role. I'd only ever been a character actor in theatre, and I had never played the romantic leading man. I never really wanted to. I have a lot more fun playing characters.

As an actor, is there anything that you wouldn't do in a movie? (examples: nudity, extremely racist dialogue, etc.)
I have turned down roles that I found morally reprehensible... but in the same breath I must concede that I love playing morally reprehensible characters. As long as it's tasteful and intelligent, and my family promises to never see it, I might do nudity... Might.

You've worked with a lot of young and great actors, who has been the most enjoyable to work with so far?
On my very first film, I got to work with Udo Kier, a celebrated German actor. He revealed little insights to me on the subtleties of film acting. One of the most important; to learn from everyone around you. Being on set is like being paid to go to film school.

If you didn't get the chance to be an actor, what would you have been instead?
My parents asked me over and over what my fall-back career would be if I didn't make it as an actor. I said rockstar.

Who do you look up to? Or who is your hero?
A great friend of mine from Texas, Dave, was 6'6 at 16yrs. I looked up to him. My hero would definitely be my father. He taught me everything about me that's good, and he still loves everything about me that's bad.

We've read you're a fan of Mr. Bob Dylan himself, which song of his is your favorite? What about Man Man, what song of theirs do you absolutely love?
"The Man In Me" - Bob Dylan
"Doo Right" from Man Man's new album. Beautiful little ditty. But they hooked me in with "10lb. Moustache".

Besides getting the late night prank call from your fellow Twilight co-star Edi Gathegi, do you have any other funny on set stories from any of your other projects?
During the movie Hurt, I got covered with sticky blood that congealed to my hairy legs. The costume designer Michele, bless her, helped me by trying to cut me free, but we eventually had to go by the band-aid method. Rii-iip.

Orlando Bloom got a tattoo when he was sixteen, your co-star Nikki Reed got a ton of piercings when she was younger, did you ever rebel and get any piercings or tattoos your parents would've disapprove of?
My friend Spence pierced my ear with a nail and an apple when I was 16. That was my first transgression. At 18, I pierced my tongue and got a tattoo. I don't have any piercings now, just the one tattoo.

We were wondering if you have a middle name since many fans are curious?
Jackson IS my middle name.

Speaking of names, are you in any way related to actor Basil Rathbone? It seems to be one of the many questions asked about you.
I honestly don't know for certain, but let's just say "yes".

Besides Annabelle (your guitar), do you own any pets? The alive kind of variety that is.
I have a cat named Dean. He's fat and happy and sleeps on my face.

What was the first song you ever learned on Annabelle?
I believe the first song was one I wrote, actually. It was called Little Girl and it went
"Little girl in a hula skirt, she wants to dance what her mama learned,
Her dances wake up the morning light,
She dances with the moon and he stays out all night,
Little girl, she's gonna dance the world."

What inspired you to begin playing the guitar?
The musical Grease. I was playing the role of "Doody" and had to play guitar for the part. I fell in love with the guitar as soon as we met. Love at first song. Shame that the song had to be "Those Magic Changes" from Grease.

We've read that you've done a few open mic-nights before, do you have any memorable experiences from any of the shows you've played?
I played with a band called The Family Band. During a show, I knocked over a rack of guitars during a break and then tried to cover it with a solo. I don't know if it worked. That was embarrassing. I still wince at the memory.

If you could give someone life advice, what would you give them?
Love thy neighbor.

And finally, do you have any upcoming projects your fans should be looking out for in the near future besides Twilight?
Three movies: The Daze, Samantha D., and Dread, all probably in '09. A guest star on the TV show The Cleaner, episode "Back To One" this September. Also, the first official (mixed AND mastered) EP from our band 100Monkeys. I like to stay busy.


Maria wants to know what accomplishment are you the most proud of and why?
I have a close group of friends that I love and trust, and just as important, they love and trust me. That's an accomplishment I'm proud of.

Amanda wants to know what would be your dream role and why?
Iago in Shakespeare's Othello. Or Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing. Perhaps even Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Kristy wants to know what you see as your greatest achievement to date? And what achievements do you hope to accomplish in the future?
I finally have a band I really love now, (100monkeys) and we all hope to accomplish our first album. Because two of us are actors, the time is hard to track down. We expect something concrete to come out late spring '09.

Kimothy J would like to know who you're top 10 favorite bands and singers are and why?
1 - Spencer Bell - Incredible lyrics and composition. The songs are stories at times, or laments, or drinking anthems, or songs to dance to. In his song, "The Tourist" - he introduces himself.
2 - Robert Johnson. I must confess, I believe in the legend.
3 - Lou Reed. But only with The Velvet Underground.
4 - The Kinks. I can't think of a single songs of theirs I don't love.
5 - Tom Waits. He changed the way I listened to music and played. I started banging pots and pans and stomping on boxes while listening to "Bone Machine".
6 - Man Man. I just like saying their name three times fast. Plus, their live show is maybe the best I've ever seen. Up there with Radiohead and the Flaming Lips.
7 - David Bowie. His voice is powerfully frail.
8 - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. I don't really care for the other two guys, or else I'd say The Rat Pack. Those three taught me stage presence.
9 - TV On the Radio. I love what they can do and what so few others don't.
10 - The Stevedores. They only have one album, but it is beautiful. Psychedelic Lounge Glam. But not really. More Country-Western. Not really.... Just damn good.

Frida Karlsson asks if you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?
Anyone in the front row of the last concert of the Big Bopper, Richie Valens, and Buddy Holly. What a show that must've been.

Mop is curious about what part of your personality do you most commonly bring to your roles?
I mumble a lot.

And finally Gracie wants to know what your philosophy on life is?
Karma, but I don't mean to just expect good to come from your good deeds, but to be prepared for the inevitable low points of life. Good and Bad exist on the same plane and it is our plight as humans to experience both. "Be still and know", because even in the darkest times, the light will find you.

and Image Source

Christina Ricci Says RPattz is 'Pretty Much an Awesome Kisser'

Everybody who was anybody (not at the Lady Gaga concert) was at BlackBerry's launch party for the new BlackBerry Torch from AT&T last night in Los Angeles.

We had a chance to catch up with one of our fave actresses since forevah, Christina Ricci—who dished to us about her upcoming flick Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson. Like how steamy their loves scenes got and how R.Pattz had a special lady we all know and love come and visit him on set. Let the dishing begin!

"It was really fun, I mean just aesthetically we wore amazing costumes and hair and make up was great," Ricci told us at the fab party about her new flick. "And working with Rob was amazing. He's such a great guy, so talented."

Well, since she brought him up we might as well get the on-set dirt from her:

"He's just great. We'd just make fun of each other the whole time, like ‘oh my god we're so goofy' or ‘my accent is so bad!'"

So exactly how close do Christina and Rob get?

"We are lovers, yeah you know."

Relax Twi-Hards. She means they are lovers onscreen for Bel Ami!

"There's some naughtiness," the adorable Ricci said with a smirk when we grilled her on whether we get some good love-scenes, adding there are "lots" of them.

Natch we had to ask the question on all of our minds. Is Rob a good kisser?

"Um yeah," Christina smiled. "He is pretty much awesome."

One lucky girl who gets to experience Rob's smooches on a pretty regular basis is Kristen Stewart. As we told you, Kristen traveled to Budapest after her birthday to be with Rob during filming.

"Yeah she visited," Christina said. "I love her, she is totally sweet. And he is great!"

Although Ricci says she's never seen a Twilight film, she totally gets the cult appeal.

"I understand where they're coming from," confessed the lovely CR. " He's an awesome human being. He's so funny and quirky and weird."

Who is ten times more excited to see Bel Ami now?! Glad we now get a chance to watch two of our faves together!


New Fan Pic of TLaut on Set of 'Abduction'

This picture was taken in Pittsburgh, PA on the set of 'Abduction.' Lilly Collins and Allen Williamson are the two other people in the photo, who are both acting in the movie with Taylor.


New Pic of Peter Facinelli with Daughter of 'Loosies' Producer, Peter's New Movie

Peter tweeted, "Me and Sera Verdi, the producer's daughter. She played a little role in Loosies. Great job Sera." and the picture below on Thursday, August 12th.

Peter wrote and is starring in 'Loosies' as Bobby, which is currently in production and will come out in 2011.

@peterfacinelli and Source

Pics of RPattz and His Awesome Shirt Visiting KStew in Montreal

The back of his shirt seems like it just MAY have been a message to paparazzi... haha


Video - 'Eclipse' Parody Teaser from the Hillywood Show

NEW Pics of Robsten in Montreal - Rob Nuzzles Kris's Neck!

Source and Source

Video - Christina Ricci Talks About RPattz, Anna Kendrick & Nikki Reed on Red Carpet

Christina, Anna, and Nikki were all on their way to the Blackberry Torch launch party in the video below...


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New Pic of KStew in 'On the Road'


New Video - RPattz's Sister, Lizzy, Calls Rob a 'Ballsy Person'

Lizzy was at the Isle of Wight Festival in June when this interview happened.

She talks about Rob starting at about 4:32.. "He's a ballsy person, not afraid of anything."

Cool New 'Eclipse' Still


Video - Lizzy Pattinson Sings Song She Co-Wrote with Rob, 'Hands'

This song is really good! I would love to see Rob play guitar for her/sing with her...

Brand New/Old Pic of Ashley Greene


Video - James Franco is Team Edward and Really Hot.. It's True

The upcoming September issue of Esquire is chock-full of James Franco. He's on the cover, and the magazine features a short story and poem inspired by the actor, a piece on James written by SNL's Bill Hader, and a preview of his art show. There's even a video of James goofing around with his brother Dave — check that out after the jump. James has lately been in Canada shooting Rise of the Apes, and his busy schedule meant he missed out on last night's big NYC premiere of Eat Pray Love with his costars Javier Bardem and the "charmingly shy" Julia Roberts. He managed to find a minute for an interview with Esquire, in which he shared his thoughts on Twilight, acting, and more.

-On reading Twilight: "It's crazy how much sexual tension there is. It just builds and builds. I mean it never stops. It's sort of explosive by the end. Crazy. Like they'll blow up with it. And of course, they don't. Which is the point too, I guess."

Video of James with his brother:


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Robsten Spotted Together in Montreal!

Video/Pics - Anna Kendrick on The Tonight Show

Anna visited the Tonight Show on Tuesday, August 10th.


TLaut Giving a Huge Hug to Selena Gomez at Teen Choice Awards

Taylor Lautner has given Selena Gomez a big bear hug. According to Radar Online, the Jacob Black depicter in the "Twilight Saga" was more than pleased to see the "Ramona and Beezus" beauty at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, August 8 and expressed it by hugging her tightly in front of public.

An audience member spilled to the site that the hugging moment happened during a commercial break, "They both ran to each other and gave each other a huge hug in front of everyone." The onlooker continued on, "They rocked from side to side as they held each other. They were beyond happy to see each other and looked thrilled and had the biggest smiles on their faces."

The source went on to say that the happy moment was interrupted when a cameraman asked them to pose for a picture. "Someone tapped them on the shoulder and asked if they could pose for a photograph so they put their arms around each other and smiled," so the insider claimed. It was also said that the twosome were rushed onto their seat just before the next segment begin.

Back in April 2009, Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez were hit with dating rumor. They were snapped stepping out together for several times while they were in Vancouver, Canada for the production of their films. Taylor was there to shoot "The Twilight Saga's New Moon", while Selena filmed "Ramona". The rumored couple reportedly broke up after Taylor's father and Summit Entertainment forbade him to be seen with a girlfriend.


Exclusive Preview of 'Fame: Taylor Lautner' Comic Book

Back in May we brought you the first look at "Fame: Taylor Lautner," the latest in Bluewater's line of biography comics spotlighting pop-culture celebrities. Today we have your first, exclusive look inside the comic at the first six pages.

Arriving on shelves next month, "Fame: Taylor Lautner" promises to chronicle the "Twilight" actor's meteoric rise in Hollywood, including his pre-"Twilight" years and upcoming roles. Kimberly Sherman, the author of Bluewater's "Fame: Robert Pattinson" and "Fame: Kristen Stewart" comics, will script the 32-page issue, which will feature interior art by Warren Martineck and covers by JuanMar Studios. "Fame: Taylor Lautner" will be available in comic shops and for order on on September 2.


Jackson Rathbone Is Excited for 'Breaking Dawn'

We finally got a chance to catch up with Jackson Rathbone, a hunk who flies way under the radar in our opinion.

The Twilight star has had a crazy summer promoting Eclipse and The Last Airbender, all while touring with his band The 100 Monkeys (Jackson even busted out his harmonica on the Teen Choice Awards carpet to play us a little tune, heart him).

But that doesn't mean he's dreading getting back to work on Breaking Dawn, thanks to Kristen Stewart:

"I can't wait, it's always a reunion" Jackson told us about gearing up for back-to-back filming of the next two movies, even though he said he had "no clue" when production starts except sometime this fall.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing Bella's transformation, that's one of the things that has been building up for a while," Rathbone dished, all cute all scruffy.

"I'm excited to see how Kristen Stewart really works with that. That's going to be fun, she's an incredible actress and, I know this is a pun, but she's chomping at the bit in order to play that transition."

And we know fans are chomping at the bit for that feathers-flying Robsten sex scene.

"I think it's going to have to be PG-13, I don't know how they're going to keep it PG. [Screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg herself has told us there is going to be sex in this movie. I can't wait. It's in the books and I mean they're married, they gotta consummate that relationship," J.R. laughed.

Now that the release date for the final Breaking Dawn films are set, Jax told us he's more sad than excited to be free of his vampire duties.

"It's one of the sad aspects of Breaking Dawn being the last two chapters of the film series, it was always a family reunion we all go out we all have fun. It's sad to see it go. [Twilight] has done so much for me in terms of broadening my audience and my art form. Hell I always wanted to play a vampire, it's cool. It's been really fun."

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you an actor actually was just grateful for what he's been given. Hope we're not the only ones having some serious Team Jasper love here.

"Honestly, I would do like Twilight Saga: Origins, Jasper's back story. I'll sign up! I'd get to play an angry civil war vampire again."

Careful what you wish for babe! This sounds like something Twi-fans might start campaigning for. Right guys?


Ashley Greene with Kelly Osbourne at a Private Dinner in LA for ASOS Magazine on August 9th

Ashley Greene and Kelly Osbourne keep close together to pose for a picture at a private dinner in West Hollywood on Monday night (August 9).

Along with ASOS execs, guests were treated an amazing dinner in celebration of Ashley, 23, on the July 2010 cover of ASOS Magazine and as an intimate introductory of the brand to key editors, stylists and VIPS.

Both Ashley and Kelly chose ASOS for the dinner too. Kelly wore an embroidered Lace Fitted Waist Dress in Cream/Black while Ash opted for a sleeveless black dress with gold collar embellishments from the 2010 holiday collection.