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New Exclusive Interview with Jackson Rathbone

How has everything been for you since wrapping up Twilight?
Very busy. I like it that way. Between filming and playing music, I sleep and eat.

We've read that you've lived in many different places around the world, which place was your favorite to live in and why?
Midland, Texas. Good people. Plus, I love Texas.

Since you lived in many different countries when you were younger, do you speak any foreign languages?
Sadly, no. I can only count to ten in Norwegian, and a fairly good hold of the Spanish language. If you speak slow and forgive my pronunciation.

What role have you found the most difficult to fit into?
Nicolas Fiske of the Beautiful People series. It was my very first leading man role. I'd only ever been a character actor in theatre, and I had never played the romantic leading man. I never really wanted to. I have a lot more fun playing characters.

As an actor, is there anything that you wouldn't do in a movie? (examples: nudity, extremely racist dialogue, etc.)
I have turned down roles that I found morally reprehensible... but in the same breath I must concede that I love playing morally reprehensible characters. As long as it's tasteful and intelligent, and my family promises to never see it, I might do nudity... Might.

You've worked with a lot of young and great actors, who has been the most enjoyable to work with so far?
On my very first film, I got to work with Udo Kier, a celebrated German actor. He revealed little insights to me on the subtleties of film acting. One of the most important; to learn from everyone around you. Being on set is like being paid to go to film school.

If you didn't get the chance to be an actor, what would you have been instead?
My parents asked me over and over what my fall-back career would be if I didn't make it as an actor. I said rockstar.

Who do you look up to? Or who is your hero?
A great friend of mine from Texas, Dave, was 6'6 at 16yrs. I looked up to him. My hero would definitely be my father. He taught me everything about me that's good, and he still loves everything about me that's bad.

We've read you're a fan of Mr. Bob Dylan himself, which song of his is your favorite? What about Man Man, what song of theirs do you absolutely love?
"The Man In Me" - Bob Dylan
"Doo Right" from Man Man's new album. Beautiful little ditty. But they hooked me in with "10lb. Moustache".

Besides getting the late night prank call from your fellow Twilight co-star Edi Gathegi, do you have any other funny on set stories from any of your other projects?
During the movie Hurt, I got covered with sticky blood that congealed to my hairy legs. The costume designer Michele, bless her, helped me by trying to cut me free, but we eventually had to go by the band-aid method. Rii-iip.

Orlando Bloom got a tattoo when he was sixteen, your co-star Nikki Reed got a ton of piercings when she was younger, did you ever rebel and get any piercings or tattoos your parents would've disapprove of?
My friend Spence pierced my ear with a nail and an apple when I was 16. That was my first transgression. At 18, I pierced my tongue and got a tattoo. I don't have any piercings now, just the one tattoo.

We were wondering if you have a middle name since many fans are curious?
Jackson IS my middle name.

Speaking of names, are you in any way related to actor Basil Rathbone? It seems to be one of the many questions asked about you.
I honestly don't know for certain, but let's just say "yes".

Besides Annabelle (your guitar), do you own any pets? The alive kind of variety that is.
I have a cat named Dean. He's fat and happy and sleeps on my face.

What was the first song you ever learned on Annabelle?
I believe the first song was one I wrote, actually. It was called Little Girl and it went
"Little girl in a hula skirt, she wants to dance what her mama learned,
Her dances wake up the morning light,
She dances with the moon and he stays out all night,
Little girl, she's gonna dance the world."

What inspired you to begin playing the guitar?
The musical Grease. I was playing the role of "Doody" and had to play guitar for the part. I fell in love with the guitar as soon as we met. Love at first song. Shame that the song had to be "Those Magic Changes" from Grease.

We've read that you've done a few open mic-nights before, do you have any memorable experiences from any of the shows you've played?
I played with a band called The Family Band. During a show, I knocked over a rack of guitars during a break and then tried to cover it with a solo. I don't know if it worked. That was embarrassing. I still wince at the memory.

If you could give someone life advice, what would you give them?
Love thy neighbor.

And finally, do you have any upcoming projects your fans should be looking out for in the near future besides Twilight?
Three movies: The Daze, Samantha D., and Dread, all probably in '09. A guest star on the TV show The Cleaner, episode "Back To One" this September. Also, the first official (mixed AND mastered) EP from our band 100Monkeys. I like to stay busy.


Maria wants to know what accomplishment are you the most proud of and why?
I have a close group of friends that I love and trust, and just as important, they love and trust me. That's an accomplishment I'm proud of.

Amanda wants to know what would be your dream role and why?
Iago in Shakespeare's Othello. Or Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing. Perhaps even Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Kristy wants to know what you see as your greatest achievement to date? And what achievements do you hope to accomplish in the future?
I finally have a band I really love now, (100monkeys) and we all hope to accomplish our first album. Because two of us are actors, the time is hard to track down. We expect something concrete to come out late spring '09.

Kimothy J would like to know who you're top 10 favorite bands and singers are and why?
1 - Spencer Bell - Incredible lyrics and composition. The songs are stories at times, or laments, or drinking anthems, or songs to dance to. In his song, "The Tourist" - he introduces himself.
2 - Robert Johnson. I must confess, I believe in the legend.
3 - Lou Reed. But only with The Velvet Underground.
4 - The Kinks. I can't think of a single songs of theirs I don't love.
5 - Tom Waits. He changed the way I listened to music and played. I started banging pots and pans and stomping on boxes while listening to "Bone Machine".
6 - Man Man. I just like saying their name three times fast. Plus, their live show is maybe the best I've ever seen. Up there with Radiohead and the Flaming Lips.
7 - David Bowie. His voice is powerfully frail.
8 - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. I don't really care for the other two guys, or else I'd say The Rat Pack. Those three taught me stage presence.
9 - TV On the Radio. I love what they can do and what so few others don't.
10 - The Stevedores. They only have one album, but it is beautiful. Psychedelic Lounge Glam. But not really. More Country-Western. Not really.... Just damn good.

Frida Karlsson asks if you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?
Anyone in the front row of the last concert of the Big Bopper, Richie Valens, and Buddy Holly. What a show that must've been.

Mop is curious about what part of your personality do you most commonly bring to your roles?
I mumble a lot.

And finally Gracie wants to know what your philosophy on life is?
Karma, but I don't mean to just expect good to come from your good deeds, but to be prepared for the inevitable low points of life. Good and Bad exist on the same plane and it is our plight as humans to experience both. "Be still and know", because even in the darkest times, the light will find you.

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