Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pics of KStew and TLaut Boarding a Boat in Sydney Together!

Kristen Stewart and Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner board an Oz jet boat for a joy ride around Sydney’s glorious harbor on Sunday (May 30) in Australia.

Next Sunday (June 6) in L.A., the duo and Robert Pattinson will be introducing a never-before-seen clip from their new movie Eclipse at the upcoming MTV Movie Awards, which will be hosted by hosted by funnyman Aziz Ansari. Are you Twi-hards excited??

KStew Flipping Off Paparazzi from a Balcony in Sydney, Australia

Fresh off of a flight from Los Angeles, Kristen Stewart was spotted smoking a cigarette in Sydney, Australia on Sunday (May 30).

The Bella Swan babe let loose while out on her balcony, flipping the bird to paparazzi while joined by a gal pal.

Meanwhile, K-Stew is slated to attend the MTV Movie Awards alongside Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to present a new clip from "Eclipse" next Sunday (June 6).

After that, she and her hunky co-stars will take part in a panel discussion at a Twilight fan convention in Los Angeles on June 12.

Video - Elizabeth Reaser Talks About RPattz and TLaut Working Out for 'Eclipse'

Video - Funny RPattz Commercial for the MTV Movie Awards!

Video of KStew BTS at the Elle UK Photo Shoot

Pics of KStew Leaving LAX on Friday

Gearing up for a holiday weekend getaway, Kristen Stewart was spotted jetting out of LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Friday (May 28).

The "Twilight" hottie was clad in an all-black ensemble, looking quite comfortable as she prepped for the outbound flight's departure.

Friday, May 28, 2010

'Eclipse' International Promotion Schedule

As the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” premiere approaches, key dates in the promotion schedule continue to be confirmed.

Supplemental to yesterday’s feature (which listed key June dates for Twilight fans and some U.S. appearances), here is some developing info on the promotional tour abroad:

May 31: Sydney, Australia. Kristen and Taylor will be present for a Q&A event in Luna Park. The event will be run by Richard Wilkins but will be broadcast live via satellite from Sydney’s Luna Park into selected Hoyts cinemas.

June 3: Seoul, Korea. Kristen and Taylor are slated to arrive on the 2nd; Pan Cinema has announced a press conference, a “red carpet appearance”, and a fan meet and greet at a special meeting on June 3rd.

June 17: Rome, Italy. Eagle Pictures confirmed, via its web site today, that Kristen and Taylor are now set for an appearance in Rome. Few additional details are available .

June 21: Stockholm, Sweden. The official twilight web site in Sweden announced that Taylor and Kristen would visit Stockholm on June 21st. Though a media press conference has been announced, details of any fan events have not been definitively confirmed.

June 28. Madrid, Spain. According to Aurum Producciones, Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel are slated to appear in Madrid to promote “Eclipse”. Already scheduled are a press conference and a session for fans to meet the actors.

Berlin, Germany. The final city that has been mentioned as part of the European tour is Berlin Germany, though no date has been confirmed.

Due to Rob’s shooting schedule for “Water for Elephants”, he will be absent for most “Eclipse” promo engagements that take place far outside of LA. In contrast to the “New Moon” promotion, which featured the three principal stars heavily, for “Eclipse” Kristen and Taylor will mostly be on their own.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

13: Hydromania

Hydromania- irrational craving for water.

Hmmm this doesn't necessarily seem like a terrible obsession.. because it definitely seems like Robert Pattinson has this, as he is always drinking whatever is in front of him...

Images found on Google images

What is Ashley Greene's Best Look?

After a few days of contentious contract negotiations, Ashley Greene signed on for Breaking Dawn. Thank goodness!

This means the beautiful young actress will often be in the news and on various magazine covers going forward. Therefore, it's vital that she determines her best look, don't you think?

(Editor's note: yes, we know Greene's best look is 100% naked, but those photos have been removed from the Internet, so let's move on to the second choice, okay?)

Below, we've pitted Ashley against herself. Study the photos closely and then sound off afterwards...

Go vote: Click here!

Video - Jackson Rathbone Got a Concussion on the Set of Eclipse!

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ stars Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone got a little too into character while filming a fight scene. Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen, swung low and Rathbone, playing Jasper Hale, took the blow right to the temple – Ouch!


Kellan must pack quite a punch! I like how Jackson was all proud that he took it like a man, even though he ended up in the hospital!

‘Eclipse’ comes out June 30th, only 34 short days away.

Video - 'Eclipse' Cast Superlatives

KStew and TLaut to Promote 'Eclipse' in Rome on June 17th!

Già ieri vi avevamo avvisato per primi delle voci che si erano diffuse sul web in relazione all’arrivo in Italia di Taylor Lautner e Kristen Stewart per promuovere “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”

Ebbene, a meno di 24 ore dalla notizia arriva direttamente dalla Eagle Pictures arriva la conferma: i nostri amati saranno a ROMA il 17 GIUGNO!

Ecco cosa riporta il Blog Ufficiale, La Gazzetta di Forks:

La Eagle Pictures comunica ufficialmente che i due protagonisti di Twilight saranno a Roma il 17 Giugno.

Kristen Stewart (Bella) e Taylor Lautner (Jacob) arrivano in Europa per un breve tour. La prima tappa sarà proprio Roma, dove dedicheranno mezza giornata alla stampa e l’ altra metà incontreranno i fan italiani ai quali sono particolarmente affezionati.

E’ proprio a Roma infatti nell’ Ottobre 2008 che la saga ha avuto il suo battesimo e i giovani protagonisti per la prima volta hanno potuto toccare con mano l’ incredibile e straordinario affetto da parte dei fan.

L’ evento con il pubblico è ancora top secret, ma la Eagle assicura che sarà una grande opportunità per tantissimi twilighters per incontrare Bella e Jacob e passare con loro un pomeriggio indimenticabile.

Dopo Roma Kristen e Taylor faranno tappa a Berlino e a Stoccolma

Yesterday we had first warned of rumors that had spread on the internet in relation to the arrival in Italy of Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart to promote "The Twilight Saga Eclipse

Well, less than 24 hours of news comes directly from Eagle Pictures comes the confirmation: our loved ones will be in Rome on June 17!

That's what gives the Official Blog, The Journal of Forks:

Eagle Pictures officially announced that the two stars of Twilight will be in Rome on June 17.

Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob) to Europe for a short tour. The first step will be to Rome, where the press will devote half a day el 'other half of which will meet the Italian fans are particularly fond of.

It 'just a fact in Rome' in October 2008 that the saga had its baptism and young players for the first time were able to touch the 'incredible and extraordinary affection of fans.

L 'event with the audience is still top secret, but ensures that the Eagle will be a great opportunity to meet many Twilighters Bella and Jacob and go with them an unforgettable afternoon.

After Rome Kristen and Taylor will tour in Berlin and Stockholm.
Translated by google

New Pics of KStew in Elle Magazine!

Click for the more HQ versions:

Alternative Elle UK cover:

Full Parody Movie of 'Twilight' Called 'Untitled Vampire Spoof' Coming Soon

It was all but inevitable that the creators of the Scary Movie series, Date Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, and Meet The Spartans (Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer) would be putting together a vampire spoof movie, "Untitled Vampire Spoof" now that the genre has picked up in speed thanks to, well, Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries.

According to Dread Central, "the film -- whatever it is -- has already earned itself a PG-13 rating and will be in theatres on August 18th."

Cinematical's Scott Weinberg predicts that this project is "sure to hit theaters with a big, hollow thud," and Movie Cultists' Scott Yacyshyn says "The movie is supposed to be a spoof on the vampiric tropes of Twilight, but if you’ve seen even a minute of any of the other mind-numbing SelzBerg movies you know it’s just a loosely tied-up series of jokes (not jokes, really: just characters literally saying what they are referencing, exactly)."

So, while the "Untitle Vampire Spoof" might be picking up on the popularity of series like Twilight, it probably won't be catering to that audience (and thusly enjoying the Saga's successes).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Edward and Jacob iPhone Wallpaper

This is so cool! Will from has developed these amazingly beautiful Twilight Saga: Eclipse iPhone and iPod touch wallpapers and he's sharing them with us!!! Of course they are all high quality wallpapers, you can expect the best from

The first wallpaper has Rob and Taylor as Edward and Jacob. Aerzccording to Will: "The cool thing about it is that depending on your mood, you can flip your phone upside down and have Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black be on top, or have Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen be on top instead!... "

The next Eclipse iPhone and iPod touch wallpaper available features Pattinson and the Cullens: "here’s an iPhone wallpaper that gives you a new slider on the home screen besides the standard “Slide to Unlock”. Now you’ll also have what looks like a slider that says “Slide to Dazzle”!"

The last one I found available was of Lautner as Jacob Black and Wolfpack, "besides the standard “Slide to Unlock”. Now you’ll also have what looks like a slider that says “Slide to Fursplode”! If you’re not in the know, fursploding is when a member of the wolfpack violently transforms into a wolf and sheds all his clothes due to his size change."

The wallpapers are great and sure to be the envy of your fellow Twilight loving friends. I would definitely download one if I had an iPhone but I don't... then again wouldn't that be silly if I downloaded one of these wallpapers and then bought an iPhone specifically for the wallpaper? I'd get a good laugh but my husband would not find it as amusing. =o/

Videos - RPattz Wins Best Performance, 'New Moon' Wins Best Fantasy, and 'Eclipse' Wins Most Anticipated Movie at National Movie Awards

For the Best Performance of the Year 2010 category of the National Movie Awards, the UK honored one of its own. Beating out 18 other nominees (including “New Moon” co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner), Robert Pattinson walked away with the prize.

Though Rob wasn’t there to accept the award himself, the show aired his acceptance speech as part of a video statement: “As you can see, I’m on location shooting my next film, ‘Water for Elephants’. Thank you for honoring me with the award for ‘Best Performance’. It means a lot to me because you, the fans, decide the winner. Thank you again for voting for me and voting for everything Twilight.”

The UK-based 2010 National Movie Awards aired tonight in London at 8PM local time. Though not all Twilight actors managed to score wins, the franchise did as well as it possibly could. Kristen and Taylor lost to Rob in the ‘Best Performance of the Year’ category, but “New Moon” and “Eclipse” both won in the categories in which they were nominated: ‘Best Movie: Fantasy’ and ‘Most Anticipated Movie of the Summer’, respectively.

Though Rob has been written off by some as a dispensable beyond the world of Twilight, current projects with Oscar-winning co-stars and, certainly, this award, are coming just in time. Fans who believe in the actor are thrilled by accelerating signals of Rob’s artistic credibility.

RPattz, James Dean, and James Franco - All So Similar

They are all so hot, it's hard to breathe... I think it's crazy how they look so similar! Click for a larger version..

Brand New HD 'Eclipse' TV Spot!!

'Eclipse' Press Junket Dates Confirmed

The press junket for Eclipse will be June 12-13 in LA. Coincidentally, it will be on the same weekend as the Official Twilight Convention which is also being held in LA. Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will be in attendance at both events!

Pic of Robsten with KStew's Cat on Her iPod!!!

Our fave babe, Kristen Stewart, is featured in a special collector's edition of Elle UK this month looking friggin' stunning, if we may say so.

In the somewhat revealing mag chat, Stewart dishes about being nervous for Eclipse, offers a too brief glimpse at her iPod, and talks in circles about a certain someone we are clearly all familiar with:

"I'm quite nervous about the third one, actually," Kristen fesses in regard to Eclipse. "It's such a privilege to be able to play a role for so long. Also, it's such a product now; it didn't start out as a product."

Geez, K.S. isn't feeling the pressure, is she? After all, the buzz around Eclipse has been, well, mixed.

But that's not our fave part of the interview. Kristen asks the reporter to grab her iPod out of the glove compartment before going, "Oh s--t."

She then launches into an odd rant that only brings one thing to mind: her relationship with BF Robert Pattinson.

"It's so weird, that you have to be worried about people seeing things," K.S. says to the reporter. "You want to be excited about something, normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too, but it's such a different thing. It comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up."

Oh babe, just fess your love from the rooftops! You know we wouldn't mind.

The interviewer then describes a picture she finds on Kristen's iPod:

"It's a familiar deliciously handsome young man with an arm around Kristen and an arm around Jella, her cat. Without saying a word, she quickly shoves the device back into the glove compartment and turns up the volume before I can say anything."

Presh or presh!

Then again, this surely must be a ploy for more Eclipse press, mysteriously talking yet not talking about Rob. There's no way they could possibly be happy in a relationship together, right? Must be for PR.

Are Robsten Sharing a Ring??

Ok, I am as sick as the next Twi-Hard about all those false claims that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are now engaged or that she's pregnant or that they've eloped... ack! Nope to it all but the photo above certainly makes one wonder what's up with that little gold band on Kristen's middle finger.

Are the sharing a wedding band? A few things to disprove this notion is that a ring which would fit Pattinson's finger would be too large for Stewart's fingers but there is ReSizing available and it's pretty well known that the photo above of Rob's hand is from a snippet of his Bel Ami movie.

There is the possibility Pattinson kept the Bel Ami wedding ring and resized it for Stewart. Hey, it's a possibility! I'm not saying they are married or engaged. People give each other promise rings all the time. If this ring Kristen is wearing is indeed the same one Rob wore, I'm willing to bet the promise they made to each other was not to talk to the media or anyone about their relationship. Just a guess...

I don't know.. what do you think? We've seen them share many articles of clothing in the past, so they could very well be sharing a ring..

HUGE 'Eclipse' Poster in Finland!

Here are Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner being featured in yet another GIGANTIC Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie poster. This time the mega poster was spotted in Finland and runs almost the entire length of a five story building.

Although it is very different from Summit Ent.'s official Eclipse poster, I actually like this one more. I think it's laid out better and more engaging. I like the blue tint and find that it is better than the bland blackish gray I'm use to seeing.

I also like how an invisible breeze has swept up Kristen Stewart's hair. I thik it's a beautiful poster aka banner. HUGE!!! I like how the creators made a point of keeping Victoria's silhouette in it too because let's face it, Victoria is the driving force of the story.

This Eclipse poster is just another in the line of beautifully crafted things the Twilight Saga franchise has come out with.

Many More Pics/Outtakes of KStew in Flaunt Magazine