Monday, May 24, 2010

Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed in Saturday Night Magazine

As the premiere of "Eclipse" approaches, more of our favorites from "Twilight" are poppoing up on the newsstand! Saturday Night’s June issue puts a spotlight on Nikki Reed, as she poses for its cover in a beautiful pink sequin dress. Nikki, who tells Saturday Night that she liked to express her feelings as a child, sure knows how to express her beauty, as she plays the mesmerizing Rosalie Cullen.

Nikki opened up about playing the beautiful vampire and how difficult it can be to live up to other’s expectations of beauty. “It opened up all these questions about what beauty is. It really stressed me out for a long time. It made me more aware of my insecurity." Through the process she’s learned to accept her flaws and has realized that “we’re all beautiful in a different way."

The mag doubled the "Twilight" fun by also interviewing Jackson Rathbone. When asked about a memorable encounter with a fan, Jackson explained a time when he was shooting "New Moon" — a fan handed over a baby to him, snapped a picture, and simply walked away. “It’s kind of odd to have a stranger shove a child in your arms," he told Saturday Night.

But besides getting to know the fans, the cast has definitely gotten to know each other through the years and have formed close relationships. Our minds might go straight to RPattz and KStew, but Nikki reveals that she’s grown close to Elizabeth Reaser, who recently stopped by MTV News. One thing that makes it even easier is that they live so close! Nikki explained that while working on "Eclipse," "Elizabeth [Reaser] and I were living literally two steps away from each other. They bonded over the fact that they both like to be active.

Pick up the June issue of Saturday Night to learn more about Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone!


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