Monday, May 24, 2010

Video - Ashley Greene in New 'Skateland' Trailer

It's about time that Ashley Greene's "Skateland" got a theatrical trailer since we've been hearing good things about this film since SXSW earlier this year. Though the tale is familiar — a teen/20-something is forced into adulthood because of an end of an era — what we've seen in the trailer that debuted over the weekend is that "Skateland" looks fun and enjoyable enough to get us into theaters to watch a familiar tale.

The second Ashley gets out of her ultra-white "Twilight" make-up and golden contacts, we love the way her acting warms up. She really seems like she has room to breathe in this film, and, based on what we've seen in this trailer, is immensely likeable. We're not too sure about her chemistry with leading man Shiloh Fernandez (other than a few intimate scenes, there wasn't too much between them in the trailer), but the film seems like it's more about him growing up than about his romance with Ashley's character.

While it might not be earning any Oscars any time soon, "Skateland" looks like it will be a fun little nostalgic run through the 1970s the same way last year's "Adventureland" took us through a summer at a theme park in the 1980s. Hopefully Ashley and Shiloh will have a more decisive romantic ending than Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart did in that movie though.


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