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Video - New Sneak Peek at 'Eclipse' DVD Commentary!!

'Eclipse' Director David Slade Talks About Favorite Deleted Scene from 'Eclipse'

After grossing more than $30 million from midnight shows alone, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” will make its way to DVD on Saturday, just in time for the holiday season.

Director David Slade told CNN that Twihards have a lot to look forward to on the two-disc special edition of “Eclipse.”

On top of audio commentary from Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, as well as author Stephenie Meyer and producer Wyck Godfrey, Slade says deleted scenes and special features for Team Edward and Team Jacob supporters won’t disappoint.

And despite the fact that Slade rarely commentates on his films - saying, “When it comes to the commentary, you kind of reduce [the film] down to a bunch of silly anecdotes” - he said it was important for him to tell viewers why certain scenes didn’t make it into the film.

“It’s good to love a specific passage in a book, but it’s in the book and it works because it’s in the book,” Slade said. “It might not work as well in the film, but you might be disappointed when you [don’t] see it.”

He added: “They’re lovely scenes that look like they would work wonderfully. But actually, when you put them in the context of the whole, they don’t. And so I felt it was the responsible thing to do as the director to speak up and talk about the things that were taken out. … It’s really for the fans who probably loved the scenes that we took out.”

Slade’s favorite deleted scene originally came after a spat between Bella and Edward early on in the film.

When Bella sets out to see Jacob one night, Edward catches her in her truck “and they have a bit of a row,” Slade says. In the final version of the film, Bella simply heads back into the house and slams the door, ending the scene.

“We actually shot a scene where the row continues for a little while and she goes upstairs and she looks at the open window and she closes it,” he said. “Then she kind of has a moment and then she unlocks it and opens it again. And it was really touching and emotional, but it’s like a speed bump every time you hit it. It kind of threw you out of the film.”

And when asked about the memorable tent scene, which baffled my coworker, who was confused as to why Bella wasn’t wearing a jacket in the midst of a blizzard, Slade simply responded:

“Poor planning on Bella’s behalf I would say. If you’re going to go up a mountain, you should wear a big coat. It’s just really silly to be honest. I wish she was wearing a hat though.”

Speaking of scenes where Jacob (Taylor Lautner) appears sans shirt, viewers can engage in special features called “Edward Fast-Forward” and “Jacob Fast-Forward,” which skip to “all your favorite” Edward and Jacob scenes, according to

So Twihards, have you pre-ordered your “Eclipse” DVD yet or are you waiting for it to hit stores on Saturday?


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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Funny New/Old Pic of KStew from Twilight Promo Shoot (2008)

LOL this is a face I've never seen her make before!


Monday, November 29, 2010

TLaut Arrives at LAX on Thursday

Taylor Lautner makes his way through Los Angeles Airport after flying in from filming 'Breaking Dawn' in New Orleans on November 25, 2010.


Interview with KStew Brazilian Stunt Double for 'Breaking Dawn'

KSBR: We've heard you mention many times that people thought that you and Kristen look alike. What do you think about that?
R: Kristen is so beautiful, her beauty is so divine that the fact that someone thinks that we look alike is a very huge honor.

KSBR: Did you take a picture with Kristen and Robert?
R: No.

KSBR: She commented to you something about you look alike?
R: No.

KSBR: Can you tell us something about the scenes?
R: All I can tell you is that the scenes are AMAZING. Wait for it. I'm sure you'll gonna love it.

KSBR: How did you react when you knew you were hired to be a stunt of a worldwide known saga, with thousands of fans?
R: I was flattered and very happy, I knew about the huge responsibility!

KSBR: At the end of shooting, did you feel that you could have help more than you helped or done anything differently?
R: Thank God everything worked out. I wouldn't have done anything different.

KSBR: How was your relationship with Robert and Kristen?
R: A proffessional relationship.

KSBR: Do you think Rob and Kris were enjoying Brazil?
R: Well, it's difficult to answer, but I think they enjoyed Brazil very much.

KSBR: If you could define Kristen by a word, what would it be? And Robert?
R: Kristen is lovely and Rob is humorous.

KSBR: You don't speak english. How did you communicate with the production?
R: Talking in spanish.

KSBR: What was your first impression of them? They look like a real couple?
R: They are the Hollywood's cutest couple. Kristen is very sweet and everybody can see that Rob is in love with her.

KSBR: Are you a Twilight fan? What did you think of Kristen before filming? And then?
R: I don't consider myself a Twilight fan, but a Kristen fan. And being able to know an idol is exciting. Now I want to see all the Twilight movies and I just bought the last book that I can't stop reading. I think I ended up being a fan after all.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Amazing New Robsten Video - Includes Moment from 'Eclipse' Commentary

Pic of KStew's Hand Holding Feathers from 'Breaking Dawn' Set

This message and photo were tweeted by Bill Condon ('Breaking Dawn director) on November 25th, 2010:

"Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours." - Bill Condon