Sunday, May 30, 2010

Edward 'Eclipse' Puzzle Ball

Now you can put the pieces of Robert Pattinson's heart together with the new Edward Cullen puzzle. Fans can collect the Eclipse puzzle and put Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson together as often as they want.

Twilight merchandise is always a big seller and now you can own a piece of it in puzzle form. Twi merchandise is a hot item right now. Everything from shirts, bags, keychains, and jewlery can be worn to show your support for the Twlight Saga and your favorite characters.

Most are collectors items and who knows, they may even be worth money one day. So if you're a Twiligh fan you might want to invest in some cool merchandise with your favorite characters face plastered all over it.

For Twilight fans their merchandise is a way to show off their love of their favorite characters and books/movies. It's their way of expresses their passion for a series that has ment so much to them. Fans of the books/movies are so in love with the characters. Why wouldn't they want to show it?


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