Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fan Encounter of Robsten Together.. Could Be True!

Hey there people.. Thought I'd let you all know what I saw Sat night at the Ritz as many people have asked me what happend. I will start with Sorry, but not a Twilight fan so I had no idea how big a deal the sighting was. My friends had a room there so we all just met up to have some drinks and catch up. We went to the outside patio bar around 11pm and there were only maybe 10 ppl outside. Was mood lighting from the fire pits and they were sitting at the high top table together sitting maybe 1 ft apart if that. I didnt think anything of it, thought they were a young couple in love and thought how cute because you could tell that its not just lust/frisky/horney/drunk kind of thing. They were just really caught up in being together. I noticed it because it made me happy and think back to my first loves. So we were looking for an empty pit to sit at and there were none so we sat at the other end of the high top bar maybe 10ft from them and had drinks. It was then the women in our group started talking about the couple sitting behind me. I thought it was an ex of one of the girls and thought what bad luck. Mind you she was there with her now husband but what are the odds you run into an ex. Rob was wearing a "LONG BEACH ST-DIRTBAGS" baseball cap (way to go man supporting our local teams) and both were very casual dressed but again, sitting almost in each others laps just intoxicated with each other as the rest of the world was not even there. We then moved to a now open fire pit right across from them. Oh, skipped the part where the girls informed me of who it was. So I turned, took a look and sure enough, girls were right on. I thought it was pretty cool that two people who worked together could meet and have that kind of a relationship. (Again, Didnt know there was this Controversy over if they were dating or not-dont read those mags) Then at one point around 1130pm she went to get a cig and dropped them all over the floor. He helped her pick them up and I'm telling you, I know now some like Him, some like her, some dont like one or the other but they are a really cute couple. They look good together and you can just see how happy they make each other. So THEN, my friend walked up and bummed a cig off of her. (I thought it was funny) -The whole time, nobody, not even the wait staff had approached but the bar had closed up there. She gladly gave him a cig and offered a light. I mentioned to them I had matches and she asked if he was sure as she had her lighter. We all hung out till about 12am and headed inside leaving them by themselves as most others had left (again, patio closed at 1130pm for service) I know everyone is freaking out about this it seems but I've been in love a few times and know what it looks like. Let me tell you, that was it. They were just really happy, very very close, nobody was bothering them and they were just enjoying their lives together. I left feeling very refreshed to see that in a couple young actors. I left feeling very happy for them. THEN the emails came in from everyone!! So sorry if some are upset/disappointed about what I'm informing you about, but i think its great to see two people find that kind of love because its not easy to find in this world these days it seems.. at least not in Southern California! And that is it.. Oh.. about kissing.. When the ladies were first whispering about the couple behind me, I looked and to me I just saw to young people making out as his hand was on her neck and his face was tilted to her but I looked away not thinking much, but as I realize now what a big deal it would be if they were.. Could have been a kiss, could have been him whispering something in her ear. Funny thing is, they were doing their thing, we were laughing, talking having our own fun so really didnt pay much attention! And that is that.. Hope it helped in some way. -Brent



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