Monday, July 5, 2010

What Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel Have Done for Love

New Twilight star, Xavier Samuel has revealed that he once chopped down a tree to show a girl how much he loved her.

The actor appears in the latest Twilight Saga movie Eclipse, playing bad vampire Riley.

In the film Riley is under the spell of nasty vampire, red head Victoria and creates an army for her.

Actor Xavier revealed that whilst he may not have created an army for anyone, he can be very romantic and once chopped down a tree and left it by a girl's window.

Ashley Greene, who plays Alice, has a more traditional way of being romantic.

The actress said: "I once set up a picnic for me and a guy I was dating and planned everything out and kind of surprised him. I'm really big on listening to what people say and putting it away, and just being more thoughtful."



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