Monday, July 5, 2010

Video and Pics of All Surprise Appearances of 'Eclipse' Screenings in USA

This weekend, the cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was very, very busy jet-setting across the country to visit local cinema showings of the film.

Slowly, the cities and specific locations for the appearances were revealed, but the castmembers making appearances for the events were kept a secret for the most part.

The appearances took place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

On Friday, the cities whose fans got to see the cast were Chicago (Julia Jones), Kansas City (Gil Birmingham), Las Vegas (Kiowa Gordon), Los Angeles (Dakota Fanning), Minneapolis (Charlie Bewley), Nashville (Tinsel Korey), Orange County (Justin Chon), Vancouver (Tyson Houseman), and Washington, D.C (Christian Serratos).

You can see a photo of and mini-interview with Julia Jones in Chicago here. Meanwhile, Gil Birmingham's Facebook page has its own set of photos from his appearance, and a local news station (KMBC) interviewed Birmingham from the event. Photos from Gordon's appearance in Las Vegas can be found here and here, and Tinsel Korey tweeted about her showing in Nashville (Christian Serratos did the same for her appearance in D.C.). More on Houseman's appearance in Vancouver can be found here, and the O.C. Register has quite a few photos of Justin Chon in Orange County here.

Here's a video from Charlie Bewley's appearance in Minneapolis (via Twilight Lexicon).

On Saturday, the cast appearances picked back up with the following cities: Atlanta (Cameron Bright), Cleveland and Detroit (Bronson Pelletier), Clifton and Paramus (Charlie Bewley), Dallas (Christian Serratos), Kona, Hawaii (Peter Facinelli), San Francisco (Julia Jones), Phoenix (Tinsel Korey), Manhattan and Long Island (Nikki Reed and Xavier Samuel).

Charlie Bewley and Xavier Samuel teamed up for The Today Show. Check out how Xavier Samuel was introduced to his theater below.

While in New York, Nikki Reed did a Q&A.

Here's Charlie Bewley in New Jersey.

Two local news stations covered Bronson Pelletier's apperance in Detroit, and you can see photos and information about Pelletier's showing here and here. Meanwhile, Peter Facinelli tweeted about his showing in Hawaii, and so did Tinsel Korey for Phoenix.

Yesterday, to wrap up the weekend's festivities, appearances by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse castmembers took place in Jacksonville (Ashley Greene), and Toronto (Tyson Houseman).

The Florida Times-Union covered Ashley Greene's appearance, saying that the theater was packed to welcome her.

Now, those were all of the announced showings that took place this weekend. One additional appearance was made by Taylor Lautner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. WTAE has a bit of video coverage from the event, and the Post Gazette has a nice recap of Taylor Lautner's drop-in. Note that Lautner is presently filming Abduction in Pittsburgh as well.



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