Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Video - Jennifer Love Hewitt Explains Her Disappointing Pic with TLaut at the 'Eclipse' Premiere and How She's Now Team Edward

Generally, Taylor Lautner is regarded as having one of the biggest and brightest smiles of the Twilight cast, but Jennifer Love Hewitt reported a very different experience with the actor at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Hewitt, appearing on The Wendy Williams Show (via Twirlit) explained that when she went to the premiere, she was wavering in her "Team" loyalty between "Edward" and "Jacob," and she was excited about the opportunity to take a photograph with Taylor Lautner.

However, the picture didn't turn out as he expected, and Lautner's facial expression in it was more of a grimace than a grin. Needless to say, she decided then and there that she was "Team Edward" for good.

Chances are, Taylor Lautner was distracted or caught in between smiles, given his very jovial personality, but it was apparently enough to keep Jennifer Love Hewitt, a self-proclaimed mega-Twilight fan, off the fence.

This is quite the opposite of what Taylor Lautner's usual persuasion in the Twilight fan world has been since a lot of fans have been drawn to "Team Jacob" by his portrayal of the character.


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