Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pics of Ashley Greene Shopping For New Workout Clothes Yesterday in LA

Ashley Greene was in good spirits as she left a gym in Sherman Oaks, CA today (July 21).

Upon leaving, the 23-year-old Twilight actress stopped by a fitness boutique and, after briefly suffering from a case of sticker shock, later changed into a new outfit before being on her way.

Meanwhile, Kellan Lutz is singing Ashley’s praise for her performance in their upcoming film Warriors.

The actors, who previously starred as siblings in the Twilight film franchise, play lovers in the lacrosse drama which is due for release in 2011.

However, Kelan tells MTV News that the change in their on-screen relationship was not awkward as their close friendship made the experience comfortable and “very much like working with family.”

“Ashley’s friggin’ talented. It’s really cool to see your friend [in a different way] and to work with a friend, let alone her being so talented, to see her transform from one character to another,” he says. “[Twilight's] Alice is a fun little pixie character, and then [Warriors'] Brooklyn, you know, is a sweet, lacrosse player type of coach’s daughter. It’s fun working with her and seeing her transform herself.”



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