Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RPattz and KStew Are Professional and Authentic Says 'Eclipse' Vera Role Winner

Sabrina Frank, winner of the German casting show “Mission Hollywood,” who won the part of Rosalie’s friend Vera, gave glamour.de a short interview about her part and her experiences on [The Twilight Saga Eclipse] set.

Did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seem arrogant?

It is remarkable that the actors, who had rather small parts in “Eclipse,” were a lot more arrogant than Robert and Kristen. Some didn’t even shake my hand or looked into my eyes. That was all very superficial. In contrast, Kristen and Robert looked at me as if they were really interested, shook my hand and listened when I talked. It felt very comfortable and authentic to me, so different from what one expects.

At the time there were a lot of rumors about an affair between Robert and Kristen, did you notice anything about that?

No. I only saw them together once and I think they are way too professional to cuddle and kiss on [The Twilight Saga Eclipse] set.

You were on [The Twilight Saga Eclipse] set for four days. What were your highlights?

To meet Robert and Kristen. And to see, how normal they really are. I would have liked to do something nice for them, because I pitied them so much. They have to hide all the time, for there are children and teenagers on the fences. They don’t have a single minute to themselves. To stay so normal anyway, in my opinion, is really an accomplishment.

Also, I was taken seriously as an actress. I was allowed inside the trailer of director David Slade, and, like any other actor, to talk to him about my part. That was amazing.

Do you know why your scene didn’t make it into the [The Twilight Saga Eclipse] movie?

As it is in this business, you just can’t influence everything. The director has the power and chooses which scene makes it into the movie. Still, I was very sad.



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