Monday, August 16, 2010

Pics of Robsten KISSING in Montreal!!!

Ughh it bothers me that these pics were totally sniped and that they had no idea... but if you're interested, they're below.

The pictures were taken yesterday, on Sunday, August 15th, when they were on their way to a house party. The photographer said, "They were around [street name]... They left their hotel around 8:15, and they hopped in a van taxi and they kind of just got out... and during that 25 seconds, they were just making out and Tom Sturridge was standing there just looking..."



Anonymous said...

Are these photos real??????????????

Robstensessedx said...

Yep, they're totally real! They were taken in Montreal on August 15th. Kristen is there filming 'On the Road.'

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