Monday, June 14, 2010

Pics of Dakota Fanning and Xavier Samuel on Hotel Balcony in LA

Dakota Fanning and Xavier Samuel took a break from their Eclipse junket duties on the balcony of their suite at the Four Seasons in LA on Sunday. The two fielded the press alongside Bryce Dallas Howard who didn't come out for Xavier's cigarette break. Together the "bad vampires" of the cast shared how much fun they had taking on the roles — Xavier especially had an integral part in the film and spoke about the excitement reading the script for the first time. Bryce revealed that she's still a little intimidated by how fans will react to her taking over the part of Victoria, but her ravishing red hair lights up the big screen. Of the three, Dakota was the expert with the Twilight crew and the one who got to express how much she's looking forward to making both Breaking Dawn movies and hopefully to work with Kristen Stewart again soon. Stay tuned for lots more goodies from all our interviews with the cast — with video to come too! — as we gear up for the final two weeks before Eclipse's release!



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