Sunday, April 18, 2010

Robsten Together in LA!!

Robert Pattinson has just signed on to the cast of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS based on Sara Gruen's novel of the same name--which will be shot in Los Angeles this summer. So what are our favorite TWILIGHT:ECLIPSE pair going to do? They're always looking for some alone time but if their good luck in work and these fans have anything to do with it, they will never find it! How do TWILIGHT; ECLIPSE stars (and moving target lovers) Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart find any opportunities to work on their relationship if they are constantly in thrall to their fans and their agents and the endless projects they're working on . . . after Kristen celebrated her 20th birthday with RPatz in Budapest, you would think the two would be inseparable. Supposedly, they spend a lot of time texting and Skyping and hoping for some more down time when they can grab it.

What must it be like to be bombarded by fans like these at every turn? To know that your face and its proximity to other humans can turn a quiet mall courtyard into a screaming fanfest that requires police protection? It must be weird but, as the kids from other very popular pop culture franchises know, like HARRY POTTER or GOSSIP GIRL, the alternative is not worth it!

Who is the most famous person you ever got photographed with? We'd love to know! I do have an audiotape from the time I got to interview George Clooney--it's not a picture but I make him laugh! Does that count?


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